Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring has sprung...

... well maybe not in wet and rainy Cape Town but from many reports it has in the Northern hemisphere. I believe London in particular is enjoying lovely weather today. Rather fitting then that we have 2 new sets of tiny sheep buttons to show you.

Yesterday my sister, who is exhibiting at the Country Living Fair and has been unable to publish to the blog, gave me the pin and password for the company blog. Needless to say I am having a great time (you may have noticed the new design already ;-)

Then at about the same time as the blog responsibility was handed over something cool arrived in the post. Yesterday my 3 year old son, who regularly checks our post box for letters, proudly handed me a small parcel marked "New teeny tiny buttons" ... well I could go on about how excited we were to open the parcel etc but I would rather skip right to a photograph or two. So here goes...

Sorry I couldnt find a ruler with inches but to make it easier 2.5 cm (25mm) is 1 inch.

How cute are these new wooly sheep. And super tiny too. I can just picture a country quilt embellished with these beautiful little buttons.

Pictured alongside everyday objects like a memory stick or a small pencil sharpener really gives a good idea of scale.

Forgive me if I am biased in asking but "How beautiful are these new Incomparable buttons?" A celebration of spring.


  1. Those sheep are very cute! I'd imagine any knitter would want them in their notions and findings stash :-)

  2. Those are just tooo adorable!!

  3. The cutest sheep buttons I have ever seen. I doubt I will buy buttons anywhere else from here on in. I am so impressed!
    Andrea W.

  4. Spring has sprung here in France too! We have just been out for the day and all the lambs are in the fields and we have temperatures of 25c - thats hot for this time of year. Love those little sheep buttons.

  5. Squee! They are adorable!!!!

  6. I love these cute little buttons....

  7. Oh my gosh! They're adorable!

  8. Since I am going to be a grandmother soon, I can see these on a sweater...Gorgeous little sheep.


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