Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cute Creations from ButtonMad Italy

These very cute T-shirts are featured on ButtonMad Italy and were created by Giovy for her daughter Bea who is only 2 years old but becoming interested in fairy tales, dolls and bunnies. She is a big fan of her new wardrobe items!

They are store bought T-shirts that have been completely transformed with a few stitched on scraps of colourful fabric and of course, buttons from our Incomparable range. The bunny features an ice cream cone on her dress. L532 on our catalogue.

The little girl with her funky pigtails is walking her dog. The daschund is button L434 on our catalogue www.buttonmad.com

ButtonMad Italy are holding a give away competition until the 15th April so take a look at their blog for how to enter - you might need to use Google Translate - I know I did!


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