Wednesday, 20 April 2011

FarmYard Cross Stitch

We have a really fun farmyard collection of buttons. Ever popular, these traditional symbols of the farm bring a smile to everyone who sees them.

Here they are set in a cross stitch pattern with a great big red barn, the sheep munching happily in the fields and the tractor roaring off to see to something requiring the farmer's attention. 

I quite like the idea of letting the kids play with the pieces and position them according to their own stories and imaginations but after all that hard work and effort perhaps best to get them their own set of farmyard buttons and let them play with them on a line drawing that they can also get to colour in...either way, have fun!


  1. This is just too awesome!

  2. Very cute for a childs room.

  3. How flipping cool!! Very creative and would look cute also in a kitchen (not just for children)... I love it!!



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