Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Focus on Crafts - Clocks

Here we have taken a flat round piece of wood from the hardware with a small hole drilled into the centre and painted it in the colour of our choice.
We used a regular all-purpose craft paint and applied a few layers.
For the space theme clock we then speckled some gold and silver paint to create a night-time sky effect.
Next, we took our choice of 12 of our Incomparable pieces and positioned them at roughly the correct time positions and glued them on using a hot glue gun but any general purpose craft glue should do the trick.
The clock workings & hands we bought from a craft store and added at the end.

With the huge selection of designs from Incomparable, we had to somehow narrow it down to our favourites and here we have made a cat clock, daisy flower & butterfly clock...

And of course always a favourite, our ever popular African animals clock...

Lovely as a gift for a child's bedroom.


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