Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Focus on Crafts - Greeting Cards

We have been known to use our buttons in creative projects that don't involve sewing or needlework of any kind.
Since they are flat backed and acid free, they are perfect for use in crafts using papers and photographs and for gluing onto flat surfaces.

This is a selection of greeting cards created using 3 African-theme button pieces per card. Each piece is glued onto a square of coloured paper and these are in turn glued onto a long strip of textured cardboard, then pasted onto the greeting card.

These nautical theme greeting cards are far simpler and have been made using square cards and envelopes.

As a set they make a lovely gift wrapped up with matching envelopes and ribbon and with so many different designs to choose from, they can suit any theme you can think of.


  1. Your buttons are just fabulous and can serve so any crafting needs....just love them!!

  2. Wonderful buttons! Very nice! 8-)

  3. I just LOVE those buttons, How cute are those zebras??? They are all wonderful. :)


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