Friday, 6 May 2011

Baby Bibs and Buttons

I made this cute bib for a friend who is having twin boys (I had better get started on bib number 2!) I added a little pocket and think our blue car button which I used as a closure is adorable and adds the perfect finishing touch...
Here is a close up...

I found the free pattern for this bib at

The pink bib below was my very first attempt using a different free pattern from
The sewing leaves a lot to be desired and my appliqued hearts look very 'handmade' but I love the heart button I used as a closure...

another close up...


  1. You come up with the cutest things!!

  2. Very cute! And didja know a good soaking of Scotch-Guard will protect these bibs from most stains? Drips and dribbles will roll right off or can be wiped off instead of soaking in and creating an ugly stain.
    That's how I protected the bibs I made for my son. I couldn't stand the thought of baby burp ruining them.

  3. These are gorgeous bibs & ideas! My first grandson should be making his 'grand entrance' around the end of July. I've always been into crafts but not specifically into sewing/buttons etc. But, now that our grandson is coming AND seeing these ideas, I'm quickly developing a desire to learn and be creative this way--thanks for sharing the ideas!!!

  4. I love the tiny buttons! I'm so impressed with the quality of the details on them - they're gorgeous!


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