Monday, 2 May 2011

Project Snowman - Cross Stitch and Felt (and snow!)

We have a perfect set of buttons for creating this cute little snowman.
With a carrot for his nose, 3 pieces of 'coal' for his buttons and a trendy bowler hat decorated with a festive sprig of holly, this chap is set to melt hearts.

In our cross stitch above he has been set in a winter wonderland with a starry night sky.

Another take on this project is the felt snowman below...

And I couldn't resist adding this picture of my nephew's own attempts to trump our snowmen...his very first trip to see snow over the April break...


  1. All three snowman are adorable!! Love the buttons!

  2. Who ever put the sun glasses on him - very smart!! People forget to protect their eyes in the winter/snow... Love the button and the little one is a major boot!! Too cute...



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