Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Wardrobe inspiration

Well this was going to be a longer post but the taxi arrived and I lost most of what I had been typing. Sitting in the airport now hoping to get a quick post together before the blinking battery dies on me. You know the feeling right? And by blinking I mean blinking on and off as opposed to, well, as opposed to swearing about the inanimate object that powers this handy little handheld device. Technology really is amazing - when it works. 1's and 0's all strung together and with the press of a button out it goes at the speed of light across the globe, something we do every day and take so for granted. Amazing.

But enough babbling about computers, blinking batteries and the Internet. The reason for this post was a photo I was hoping to share with you. My husband snapped this earlier. About 15 minutes before the taxi arrived. Luckily it was saved to the device unlike the text I had hoped to upload.

Yesterday I was heading out for a quiet dinner with the girls but felt my wardrobe was in need of some inspiration.
So 5 mins before heading for the door I chose this cute selection of our buttons to sew along the top of my jumper (or jersey as we call them in South Africa) so that there was no chance I'd be caught in the same outfit as one of my friends (since the jumper came from a high street chain) and well because it was a good excuse to do a little sewing.

Here is the result:

I will post a close up shot from Cape Town tomorrow ;-)

Right time to click 'publish post' power down and board this giant metal bird as we head to South Africa on a 10 hour journey at 10 000 meters above sea level. Flying. Amazing...


  1. The buttons are a lovely touch!

  2. Brilliant idea! Very cute.

  3. The buttons really make the sweater with their pop of color. It looks great.

  4. You come up with the cutest ways to use buttons...and you are just adorable!


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