Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bird Mobile How To

Jen has been quite restless creative this week and today she has been making paper crafts. This is a project she wants to make with my nephew and niece (ages 3 and 5 and three quarters!) to try and get them to sit still and not wreak havoc in the house keep them entertained on a rainy afternoon.
Here are step by step instructions in case you would like to make some too. First print the template below:

This bird is slightly smaller than my palm but I like the idea of different sizes in a mobile - it adds interest and can be very cute with the mommy and baby birds.

Once you have cut out your bird (we used board that was thicker than normal paper but not quite as thick as regular cardboard), make a hole for where you will hang him by a string as well as a slit in his body where the wings will fit through.

For the wings, take a new sheet of A4 paper/board in a colour that looks good with your body colour.
We had to take just under a third off so that it would wrap around our bird perfectly and not be too big...you might need to check yours against your bird's size.
Next, concertina the paper as I have done below all the way to the end. Each fold was about 1cm wide (sorry we use the metric system and I have no clue what that is in inches!)

Then take your folded wings and slot them through the hole in your bird's side...

Push it through till it is sticking out half-half. Next we stapled each end to the body so that the wings fanned out as you can see below - you can glue them instead.

Then we added 2 Incomparable flower buttons for the eyes and threaded some gold ribbon through an Incomparable heart button and tied it with a knot.

Next step...make about 6 more of varying sizes and colours and hang them together to create a mobile for a child's bedroom. Or hang one solo in the window.
This is a great project to do with little ones...you can get them to decorate their birds with Incomparable buttons or colour them in.


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