Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Crazy Italian Chick!

I am on my way to join my husband at last in the UK but decided to spend a few days en route enjoying some of the warmer weather that Europe is offering at the moment (its grey and miserable in Oxford!) in the south of France.

Today we decided to head across the border to explore a bit of Italy...isn't this an exquisite hillside town - their buildings are literally clinging to the rocks - an amazing feat of engineering...and rather picturesque too.

We made it to San Remo and then headed back via Villefranche-sur-mer - another charming town by the sea on the French side.

Our Italian agent, Alessio is fortunate enough to call this beautiful part of the world home.
Today we are taking some inspiration from his design team.

Picture this cute bird hanging from a mobile...sure to keep adults children enchanted for hours!

We love his crazy hairdo and groovy nature...'gracias' for the inspiration Alessio, Giovanni and the team...ciao!


  1. Hi, welcome to France, and to the UK. I now live near Limoges but originally from the UK. Make the most of the nice hot sunshine!!

  2. what brought you to it a good town to visit? Our factory flooded in Johannesburg last week...causing untold damage...we have had to recard literally hundreds of buttoncards...ooooghh...could have cried buckets but didn't want to add to the water damage!
    so it was good to clear our minds a little in this lovely sunny Provence...and have been able to design some new projects using the buttons...posting soon.

  3. Someday I'll get to Italy. *sigh*
    LOVE that chicken! Too cute.


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