Friday, 10 June 2011

Quick! Run & Hide! ''do-you-think-he-saur-us?!''

The newest addition to our felt-family is this ferocious friendly green dinosaur!
If you would like to make one for your own use, the pattern is here for you to print out:

Cut 2 pieces for the body and 1 for the ridge. He is roughly the size of my hand from my wrist to the tips of my fingers. This is what you should have:

Lay him out as you want him...we gave him some extra 'personality' with some of our teeny flowers along his these on first as well as giving him a wide smile and some eyes...

Then we cross-stitched his ridge to both body pieces because we like the look of that stitch but you can do a simple straight stitch...and continued all the way around with a blanket stitch - leaving a gap to fill him, and then closing him up once he is as plump as you would like him to be... to make another one so that my nephew and niece don't start WW III over him!

Luke says " dinosaur, dinosaur eating fruit and leaves, chew them up and spit out all the seeds"

Emma says "dinosaurs lived long ago when the world was new, some of them were very big, very scary too. Some of them liked plants to eat on the ocean floor, others would rather eat another dinosaur."


  1. He's precious! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. That is one cute dino! I have always liked them. Love the little dinosaur buttons at the end of the post!

  3. Super cute dinosaur!! My son loved "saur-saurs" when he was little.

  4. Most creative buttons EVER!

  5. Absolutely love this! I was looking for ideas to decorate my son's backpack for preschool. I love the look of this. I have a collection of this type of button what a clever use for them.

  6. OH my goodness - this is darling! I'm getting my felt out to make one right now!

    Thank you for sharing!


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