Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ribbon Love Affair

There are so many lovely ribbons and twines to choose from these days...

You can even have your own personalised messages printed onto ribbons...

For my wedding, I wrapped sage and pink ribbons around the order of service and menus with 'I do I do I do' printed in gold.

The place names I attached with gold-threaded twine and a green ribbon bow to one of our Incomparable heart pendants which guests took home as a gift.

Ribbons call for messages of love...what would you write on yours?


  1. Mine would say You are Special. Your buttons are special too. What great ideas you have.

  2. That is just adorable....the things you come up with are soooooo awesome!

  3. So many possibilities! I would write "Loved unconditionally" on mine. By the way, I got the buttons I won at one of the giveaways and I'm totally in love with them! So cute!! Thank you so much!

  4. Oh that's a great line to print...Helen
    So thrilled your winners buttons arrived safely...and that you are so happy with them...makes our day too!

    You are special.... is also a great line to print...thanks for your kind comments Barbara

    Thanks Barb for all your sweet comments
    It all means a huge amount to all of us sitting painting and making the buttons,,,makes us feel renewed to carry on with huge recharged energy....

  5. Hello,

    In my Ribbon i would print: "When you work with love, you make beautifull things".

    Big kisses,

  6. My ribbon would say "Life Is Sweet", love your buttons very very much. Blessings to the ladies.

  7. Sweet! I think I would say "Button Love!"


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