Monday, 18 July 2011

Playful Cats

I made this dress for a friend's baby shower that we went to in London yesterday. It is floaty and summery and just perfect for a winter back home but perhaps not suited to the chilly 'summer' weather we have been having here in the UK! (yes I'm having a weather gripe - it is warmer in South Africa in mid winter! Feeling a little homesick)

I smocked 3 rows with my machine and then added the contrasting fabric for the yoke.
This is our latest fabric for sale on Spoonflower.

It is a collection of cute kitties and a scattering of mice to add playfulness to the mix.

In fact, I used an Incomparable mouse button for the back closure...he is looking a little cheeky!

With some of the leftover scraps, I cut out individual cats and ironed them on using double sided interfacing...the ginger cat above is actually covering up a tiny snip mark where I was rather careless with the scissors...
but these two are purely decorative...

My friend is cat crazy and has a gorgeous fur ball so I think she will appreciate these cute bundles of furry joy.
How about you, do you prefer cats or dogs...or both?


  1. Your little dress turned out wonderfully, it is so clever what you are doing with the fabrics and buttons....the ideas are endless!

  2. Very sweet! I have both, but I think I am a cat person. :)

  3. Too sweet! I have both and love them all, but I'm more of a cat person. I like the fact that they are self-cleaning and "flush" when they are done. lol
    I love this fabric and buttons!

  4. Such a lovely little dress! and the buttons are so sweet! I think I'll get some for my kiddies projects...


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