Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Steamed Fish Parcel with vine tomatoes

This is a recipe mum and I threw together just before heading out for a walk along the Roman path in France 3 weeks ago. We paid a quick visit to the fishmonger in the vieux ville first...this is what was on offer.

Next was a stop at the fruit and veg store...

We placed our fish in 2 layers of foil in an ovenproof dish...poured in a cup of good red wine, dotted some butter and garlic in the dish and popped some dill on top. Then sealed up the foil parcel and popped it into an oven at 180-200 degrees Celsius for about 25-30 minutes. Your fish will steam in its parcel - ours was quite a thick piece so it took slightly longer than expected.

In a separate dish, we put the tomatoes still on the stalks and splashed some olive oil over...straight into the oven alongside the fish dish for roasting...before (above) and after (below)...

Served with a delicious vegetable bake (recipe to follow soon) and a glass of the aforementioned good red wine...with a view over the bay...bon apetit!

We just have to take a quick look at the amazing variety of tomatoes once again...


  1. mmh!! ñam, ñam. I'm reading and I'm feeling hungry. Delicious food.

  2. THAT is one big FISH!! Drooling over here in the states!!! Mmmmmmm......


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