Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Stunning Long Beach Quilts and an owl giveaway

I am blown away by the pictures of quilts from the Long Beach quilt show that mum has been showing me and just have to share the incredible talent of these artists with you all.

This unbelievable creation is titled 'Sakura Sakura' by Hikoro Miyama from Japan.
It depicts her granddaughter and dog in a swirl of cherry blossoms.

One of the artists, Barbara McKee from Connecticut's favourite birds is the Yellow Billed Hornbill below - this could be a photograph from a safari drive. Exquisite detail.

I am not too sure who to credit with this amazing amount of work in this modern quilt, but here is another wonder: called wheel of teal...if anyone knows the creator of this please would you let us know...

The Flaming Mandalas quilt below is by artist Anne Lullie...another work of art...

And finally titled 'Grace' by Sin-hee Chin is this breathtaking work:

So humbling and so inspiring...

Look out  for our new giveaway...we are giving away sets of our brand new teeny tiny owl buttons to twenty lucky followers. Will post pictures and details tomorrow evening.


  1. Some of those are just hard to imagine being a quilt...such awesome work.....what talents out there!! Thanks for showing.

  2. Wow! It's hard to believe they are fabric isn't it? Gorgeous!

  3. Those quilts are just beautiful! There are some extremely talented people out there.
    Looking forward to the "owl post"- I love owls........... :)

  4. My oh my! Very stunning quilts. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh goody! An owl giveaway! We are so lucky and you are so good to us!!

  5. I so love the owls. My daughter's dorm room at school is decorated with owls as the mascot at Kennesaw State University is Scrappy the Owl! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  6. Always Amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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