Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cupcake Booties

I made these little booties following this tutorial from Stardust Shoes.

The fusible interfacing that I used made the fabric on the upper part of the blue sheep shoes too hard and more rigid than the soles! Since these are not for walking in, I left it out of the pink cupcake booties and I prefer the shape and softness of these.

For the blue booties, I used some of our own Incomparable 'sheep on ribbon' fabric available from spoonflower and sewed a little sheep button on the back.

For the cupcake booties, I used Incomparable cupcakes fabric and sewed a cupcake over some ribbon for a bit of flair.

While I'm still fairly new to sewing and am loving it, I don't think I'll be opening an etsy shop anytime soon! Still a long way to go on neatness and finishes but I hope the recipients will enjoy seeing these covering their munchkins' toes!


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