Thursday, 17 November 2011

Just Plane Stitching

I am meeting up with Jen (my mum) at Heathrow next week and then we're travelling on to Turkey together...we are SO excited to be travelling together and exploring a place that we have only heard wonderful things about...
 Just hope that our aeroplane is slightly more aerodynamic than this one!


  1. You have a safe journey and really let your hair down and relax, that sounds tremendous!

  2. Just back from 10 days in the Netherlands.
    You asked
    Do you have any tips on good places to buy fabric and sewing related items in Istanbul? We are going to be visiting there next week."

    There is a patchwork shop in Istanbul "ark tekstil". The adress is Perihan abla sokak no 14/1. Kuzguncuk Istanbul
    tel. 0216 3912501.

    There is also a market in Istanbul where they sell a lot of fabric but I don,t know the when and where. But you can ask for "kumaş pazarı".
    I don,t know when you are leaving... but if you want I can ask a friend who lives in Istanbul, she will know.
    Marmaris is far from Istanbul, 14 hours driving by coach and 1 hour flying by plane.
    Wish you a relaxed stay in Turkey.

  3. Karadeniz Kumaş Pazarı (İstanbul)

    Gonca Sok. No: 10 Ümraniye Sağlık Ocağı Yakınında Atatürk Mh. Ümraniye, İstanbul,
    34764, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Türkiye
    (216) 481 2586

  4. Hello from Turkey
    Your blog's very beautifl
    Fabric address in Istanbul:

    Aylin Tuhafiye
    Aylin Geçmez
    Bağdat Cad. Özyıl Ap. No.171/K
    Küçükyalı - Istanbul
    Tel: 0216 518 34 08

    *Belsu Kadıköy- Belsu Shop

    Osmanağa Mah. Söğütlüçeşme Cad.

    Kuyumcular Çarşısı, Küçük Çarşı Pasajı No.9/43

    Kadıköy - Istanbul

    Tel: 0216 450 59 96

    Bilginoğlu İplik Tic. Ltd. Şti

    Alacahamam Cad. No:49



    Tel:0212 513 00 03

    Erdal Tuhafiye-Sarıyer

    Sarı Hüseyin Sok. No.9/1

    Sarıyer - İstanbul

    Tel: 0212 242 31 30

    *Gözde Hobi - Belsu Shop

    Nilüfer Dinçşahin

    Zuhurat Baba Mah. Şükran Çiftliği Sok.

    Kadıoğlu Ap. B Blok No.18 Dükkan 3

    Bakırköy - İstanbul

    Tel: 0212 570 80 15

    *Hanımeli Tuhafiye - Ayşegül OĞUR - Belsu Shop
    Çatalçeşme Mah.Şehit Murat Demir Cad. No:48/A

    Alemdağ - İstanbul
    TEL:0216 429 08 20

    Murat Fazlıoğlu Ortaklığı

    Semih Yener - Murat Fazlıoğlu

    Cevizlik Mah. Kartopu Sok. No.32/A

    Bakırköy - İstanbul

    Tel: 0212 570 88 71

    Faks: 0212 543 59 24

    Remzi Kitabevleri -

    Avustralya Craft Dergileri-Kitapları

    Tuğra Tuhafiye

    Alemdağ Cad. Kuyulu Orta Sok. No.6

    Ümraniye - İstanbul

    Tel: 0216 461 00 63

    Uğur Tuhafiye

    Hasan Halife Mah. Halıcılar Cad. No.23


    Tel: 0212 635 08 78 - 0212 621 82 08

    Faks: 0212 631 85 70

    Sisli merkez Ismek
    Besiktas Dikilitas Ismek
    Kadikoy merkez Ismek

    This course was opened by the municipality of Istanbul.I wish you a happy holiday in Turkey


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