Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Recycled Magazine Page Bunting

This has to be the quickest and easiest bunting out there - and it's fairly eye-catching too...

I bought 4 white cotton shoe laces, snipped off the ends and sewed them together into one continuous line...

Then found some fairly striking pictures in an old magazine that was lying around.

Cut out a template of an isoceles triangle (short on one side - the top, longer on the other two leading to your point - it's been a while since high school maths!) I left the top the same size as the top of the mag which left only 2 sides for trimming.

Cut out the pages using the triangle guide (I did them all at once which is probably not great for the scissors but a super time saver). I used pinking shears to get the lovely zig zag edge look.

Sewed with a straight stitch on the machine leaving a 3cm gap between each flag.
Ta-da - all done!

Next take your bunting around the house (and garden) for a photo shoot. My dear hubby was very enthusiastic initially and patient and put up with all my bossiness great direction!

If you have a particular theme in mind, start looking for magazine pages that suit it and keep them aside...for instance keep any suitable blue pictures for a boy's baby shower.
But really this bunting is so easy you could have a different one for each day of the week.


  1. Awesome idea! I love using recycled materials.
    Good job!
    Hugs, Deborah

  2. You are ever so inventive. The magazine gift bags are also very nice.

  3. Fantastic Idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the magazine bunting! I have often wondered what to do with great magazine photos and this seems the very 'green' thing I am after!


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