Friday, 25 November 2011

Rudolph's lesser known cousin...

...Randolph - the white nosed reindeer!

 I made this cute little Christmas tree decoration mostly out of felt with a jersey body - since we were between houses and I didn't have any of my supplies, he is filled with cotton wool so he's a little lumpy in places!
He has Incomparable flower button eyes, a pompom nose and a snowflake button for decoration.

Here he is chatting with his reindeer button friends.

This year instead of eating turkey for Thanksgiving (which would be unusual for us South Africans anyway) we are visiting Turkey.

Here is a snapshot of a street outside the Grand Bazaar:

and outside the incredible Hagia Sophia:

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American followers...


  1. Enjoy Turkey! But be careful with 'kind' residents who like to act as tourist guides and suddenly have three 'friends' popping up and force you to draw money at an ATM.

  2. I do hope you have a wonderful time in Turkey. Take a lot of photos and share.


  3. You make the best buttons ever!


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