Tuesday, 14 February 2012

From Paris, with Love

Last week mum and I spent a wonderful few days in Paris. Here we are on top of the Printemps building.

A very kind and enthusiastic fellow offered to take this pic and insisted on trying out about 10 different angles while we froze patiently (somehow I manage to have this spire sticking out of my head in every one! Mum has been joking that it's my new french fascinator!)

We visited our delightful new French agent - Jackie Marangos and her lovely daughter Natasha at the Aiguille en Fete...

and managed to fit in some shopping while we were there! This is my lovely stash which is my inspiration for the coming week...I found some of the sweetest, old fashioned little girls dress patterns - I'm extremely nervous about looking forward to the challenge of tackling my first pattern!

Mum left last night sniff and London seems greyer as a result.

Here are a few cute Valentine's messages that we saw while window shopping at Liberty's

and my favourite...

Happy Valentine's Day!


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