Friday, 17 February 2012

Heart-y Distractions

Mum has been busy cleaning up & sorting out her extremely messy creatively untidy studio today. Well mostly.

Here is a quick and easy tutorial she has sent through on how to make a simple and pretty decorative hanging heart.

Cut 6 heart shapes out of assorted paper (or thickened fabric)

Fold each one in half down the middle:

Gather them together and add a folded ribbon.

Then simply sew a line down the fold through all 6 pieces and secure the ribbon in that same line of stitching (you could use glue if you don't sew)

add an Incomparable heart button for extra embellishment:

Fan the halves out and hang from a door handle, key, anywhere that requires some brightening up.

Not only has mum been distracted from cleaning by little projects like this one but she has had these two rather special distractions pop in to visit:

Adding to the clean up challenge! This studio is a very lovely creative space full of inks and paints and cottons and yarns and handmade stamps. My nephew and niece always run up there as soon as they arrive on a visit and say how they wish they could just live in there...and cry when they have to leave as do I!

To be fair, it does look a million times better - but I despair to think what might be hiding in all those drawers!!

Have a super weekend!


  1. Adorei... simples,fácil e lindo.

  2. Such a gorgeous and creatively simple idea!! Thank you so much for your kind words on my post 'Zariah's Journey'.

    :) Hazel


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