Thursday, 9 February 2012

Salon l'aiguille en fête 2012

Well we left the stifling heat of South Africa, suitcases packed full to overflowing with buttons, and after plenty hours in the sky and several more delayed in Heathrow, touched down in the beautiful city of Paris.

We are at the L'Aiguille En Fête show visiting our French agent, Jackie Marangos. If you plan on attending the show please drop by stand B2.3 and say hi.

To quote our good friend Marianne "La Grande Halle de la Villette nous attend... Et il fait chaud dedans!" and just as well it is hot inside because it really is frosty outside ;-) minus 8 celcius brrrrr. Mariannes' booth, A8 is well worth a visit.


Here is a brief description translated from the Aiguille website some of which may well be lost in translation; "And most importantly, it creates, it embroiders,
it "Quilts", it sews, knits etc ... From Britain through to Alsace, from Tokyo to
New York it is a short hop from London or Amsterdam, you are among hundreds of exhibitors who prepare the great feast of yarn and needles! [and buttons!] To ensure that your visit is the best possible, most joyful too! On the starting blocks for 2012 AEF! And we imagine yourself with a humming heart, head
full to the brim with ideas, hands itching with the desire to do, to create ..."

Doesn't that sound wonderful ;-)


  1. I had my ticket in my grubby hands, I won it :o) but I'm south of Paris by about 3 hours and snowed in...giddy heights of -13C for the 10th day :O(
    Enjoy and please take lots of photos :O)

  2. I especially love the "humming heart"! :)


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