Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Soft Blocks and Special Friends

I'm going to visit a friend and her baby girl over lunchtime today.

This friend was hospitalised for the first few weeks of her pregnancy. She was so ill the doctors thought she might have swine flu or even malaria as she had just completed a 7 month trip around Southern Africa.

After missing her first scheduled flight, and then a few more, she checked herself out of hospital and put herself on a plane (the very last one that would make it in time!) to come and join my husband and I at our wedding.

She was that adamant that she would be there with us.

It's friends like these who make the world a more special place.

I made her darling little girl a few soft blocks spelling her name and a pink pengy bird block with a bell inside.

I've used our Incomparable chicken fabric for his feet and beak:

 Attached a ribbon for his tail...and he is ready!

Is anyone else spending time with a dear friend this week?

1 comment:

  1. these are SO cute.... great idea and that penguin is adorable.....


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