Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Easiest Decorative Door Stops and a Princess

I've been a little quiet because we have been moving (again!) for hopefully the last time while we are in London.

This move was a little more stressful as we have accumulated rather a large load of things that my hubby thinks may come in handy someday. We've also been fortunate to inherit a fair amount of furniture from a very generous friend.

Anyway, we made it in one piece and are settling in.

The strange thing we've noticed about flats in London is that all the doors automatically spring shut. So first on the 'to buy' list were door stops to keep the neighbours happy.

They looked rather plain so I decided to spruce things up a little using a range of Incomparable buttons of course!

I had a hard time narrowing it down. I love the dolphin for the bathroom but it was a close call between him and all our lovely starfish, shells and sea theme buttons

I am still choosing between the white goose and a chicken for the kitchen.

These were so simple to make. I took a store bought wooden door stop and used a hot glue gun to apply each button et voila!

The flat we are renting is very close to Kensington Gardens. So close that I consider myself neighbours with Wills and Kate!

In fact, while walking with my cousin and her baby this morning, we saw Princess Catherine arriving at Kensington Palace by helicopter.

Well, we never actually saw her, this was probably just Waitrose delivering her groceries but a girl can dream!

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  1. I received my beautiful heart buttons today and I love them. Thank you very much :)
    What a rush to be so close to the Royals!



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