Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Feather Print Buttons Headband

This lovely headband was made by my friend Meg of Meg-made.

And here is beautiful Meg modelling her creation:

Meg used 5 'feather print' hand painted buttons from our Incomparable adults range of buttons.

Would you like to make one for yourself?
Follow Meg's simple instructions:

Measure your head and cut a piece of satin ribbon roughly an inch or two shorter than this measurement.
Sew your choice of buttons individually where you would like them onto the satin.
Then sew the edges of the ribbon around an elastic hairband which will provide stretch and comfort.
Wear it with a pretty smile and you are all set.

It looks quite striking and has me thinking I should ask Meg to make me one! make one that is Easter themed for this weekend.

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