Friday, 13 April 2012

For Katie-kins

I am flying home to South Africa tonight for a few weeks while my hubby is travelling in China & Australia for work.

This trip coincides perfectly with my niece's Christening this Sunday.
I am so glad travel plans have worked out so I can make it home for this special occasion.

I haven't seen Kate since January and I think she's done a lot of growing since then. 
I made her a few soft blocks with the letters of her name on them.
Fortunately my brother and sister-in-law have chosen 4-letter names for all their children which makes the task much easier! I had to add an extra block using our super cute Incomparable pink & green teddy fabric though.
 I sewed a large bell into the K so it jingles and attached ribbons to all the blocks for Kate to chew on and grip to throw them around the room.

I love how well our teddy buttons have translated into a fabric design. Perhaps my brother can be persuaded to create a few more fabrics incorporating our buttons in the next few weeks!


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