Monday, 23 April 2012

Holey Cowl!

I've had a wonderful time back home the past week. Here is a pic of mum and I taken last weekend at my niece's Christening.

We normally Skype daily for at least about an hour and while chatting, she has to keep herself busy...

This is her latest 'Skype creation'. Some unintentional holes and dropped stitches are from when our chats were particularly interesting and distracting.

 Obviously these were mostly boring chats as this cowl looks perfect to me!
A large Incomparable heart button comes in handy to hide large flaws! finish it perfectly.

 I love it so much I've asked sweetly for one in a soft green. Unfortunately with no Skype chats for the next couple of weeks it is on hold!! Luckily the weather over in the UK remains cold enough that I'll be putting it to good use throughout the summer.

If you would like the pattern for this pretty cowl, minus the dropped stitches, email Jen and she'll send it to you.


  1. wish I knew how to knit. It is beautiful and the button makes it.

  2. What a beautiful blog and buttons!

  3. haha I can relate to the long Skype chats, I look forward to those every weekend with my Mum and sisters. I got to sing my new baby niece in Australia to sleep the other day, all the way from the U.S.!
    I love the cowl, your Mum is so talented! What beautiful work!


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