Thursday, 10 May 2012

Reversible Artist's Tunic

While Kate was having a ball downstairs, her brother and sister were upstairs where they love to spend hours in their JenJen's studio on the farm.
The studio is filled with paints, stamps, inks, ribbons, crayons, project kits and buttons (of course). It is my every child's biggest dream.

Needless to say one can't walk away without splotches of colour on ones clothes. Especially difficult to avoid when you are just four!

So I made Luke a reversible tunic to wear over his clothes to keep them from getting spoiled.

I made this tunic by tracing out the shape of a store bought one we had for Emma.
I used a cute fabric with crocodiles on the reverse and trimmed the tunic using the same fabric for bias binding...and put a large matching pocket on the front.

Our new Incomparable fish buttons were the perfect finish around the neckline. They are being chased by our hungry Incomparable croc button in the middle.


Time to run off and get messy with the next project.


  1. What a the apron...

  2. This baby is really nice as well as your own creations, apron with buttons.
    a kiss


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