Wednesday, 20 June 2012

And Bailey is his name-o!

Thanks for all the suggestions on names for my new pup.

We have settled on the name Bailey that I see it in print it sounds like 'belly button!

He has had such an eventful first week and has captured our hearts.

He has my dad, who pretends to be big on discipline, gushing over him, making hot water bottles and letting him chew his shoes and backpack. And my mum has sacrificed some of her finest blankets and towels because she can't bear to think he might get cold (he sleeps in a plush bed in a room with underfloor heating!). This is one spoilt puppy.

Linda Smith guessed his name correctly on our FaceBook page.

We'll be sending Linda a set of our puppy buttons.

Thanks to everyone for the fun comments.



  1. Bailey Button is a great name! And those doggy buttons are just too cute. Kind of looks like our beagle Freckles.


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