Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Spooky Spider Bow Tie - Happy Halloween

Halloween is not a very big occasion here in South Africa. I've never quite understood why that is.

I think the kids here really miss an enjoyable evening of dressing up and the sort of neighbourhood camaraderie that makes getting to know neighbours fun...not to mention missing out on lots of candy
(candy is also not a word generally used here.)

Nowadays living out on a farm makes trick-or-treating a little more trick-y than treat-y since its over 3 kilometers to our nearest neighbour!

But we are having a Halloween theme dinner and so are dressing dad up in this fabulously fun bow tie with a seriously spooky spider button...I'm pretty sure he'll have or two up his sleeve to get us back for embarrassing him thank us for the super cool adornment.

Happy trick or treating!


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