Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Teddy Bear's Picnic

I made a few napkins as gift sets and decided to whip up these cocktail sized napkins for my niece to use when she hosts her tea parties with her dolls and teddies.

I used some fun polka dot fabric and appliqued our Incomparable teddy bear fabric on top for an extra special touch. The finished size is 9x9inches.

Wrapped them all together with some bright pink and white polka dot ribbon...

...and the matching Incomparable teddy bear button.

Anyone for tea and cake?!


  1. Complimente ther's fantastic!!! NI by "bear's house"

  2. I love the little teddy button. These would be great for the Kindergarten Teddy Bear Picnics. I remember my son really enjoying that when he was little. Super cute.

  3. Just seen this now. What a great idea. They look fab!!!


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