Thursday, 25 April 2013

This is a Post about a Bunny


Bailey at 11 months has grown so big you'd be forgiven for thinking he is no longer a puppy...but just like any youngster, he still loves his comfort toys...

and he is still super naughty!

who, me?!

He is rather spoilt and has about 5 different teddies to choose from. He manages to leave them all over the farm and is overjoyed when he stumbles across any that he abandoned on our walks.

This little bunny that I made was not intended for him.

But Bails had other ideas...

He nicked bunny during our photo shoot and did it in stealth mode...hoping I wouldn't notice! He liked the soft minky dot fabric I'd used for the inside of the bunny's ears and soles of her feet.

As he trots away with his prize, you can still just about see the cute green Incomparable heart button I used for the bunny's belly button!

Back to playing with ted after mum confiscated bunny...

And just in case mum gets any ideas about taking ted away from me too...

I'm off!

I'm glad Bailey likes my bunny, I hope my niece will appreciate it as much! (and yes, bunny survived her first wash!)



  1. Bailey is looking gorgeous! And I know about stealth mode. My first Irish Wolfhound could gef into and out of a room full of people without being seen!

  2. What a sweet dog! My lab would have eaten the collection of stuffed animals...even the button. I think Bailey needs a bunny for his birthday! :)

  3. My labrador, Argo, doesn't like the the photos and he destroys everything even his house.

  4. awww. I like bunny! at least it wasn't a REAL bunny, my has eaten one of those when he was a puppy, swallowed it WHOLE!

  5. Glad to hear Bunny survived the adventure! Our pup is 11 months old too and has chewed up so many things! There have been numerous thongs (flip flops), a remote control, handles on drawers, cotton reels, tupperware lids, the corner of my treadle machine, etc. You name is and she's chewed it!


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