Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Snug as a Kindle in its Cover

Mum has been knitting a whole lot lately. She takes those knitting needles everywhere. Last week on our flight home from Europe, she pulled her knitting out during take-off and her ball of wool rolled back in the plane past several rows of bemused passengers and right into the galley!

This is a kindle cover she made...if there's one thing she does more than knit, its read! 

Once again the most difficult decision was which buttons to use with it.

I love these pastel heart buttons.

And the sheep is always a winner.

But since these are the newest addition to the ButtonMad family, I'm pleased mum chose them.

Now I'm sending her the specs of my e-reader for one of my own.

If you'd like the instructions on how to knit one of your own, you can email us and Jen will forward them on to you.


  1. Love the pop of red that the buttons add to the lovely wool cover.


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