Thursday, 1 August 2013

Seoul Searching - Garosu-gil

After a long week of jet-lag and feeling completely foreign in a huge city with almost zero very little written English and even less spoken English, we headed for Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong. 

Garosu-gil means tree-lined street - in this case by beautiful gingko trees with their classic leaves.

The street is well known for its cafés, restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

From local names to well known international brand names such as Zara, H&M and Marimekko, they all have one thing in common...beautifully laid out stores and gorgeous props.

Bags in Marimekko

Wall display in Marimekko

The street stretches for just over 600 metres and if you pop down most of the side streets you can easily get side tracked by all the equally lovely stores dotted about.

Toy box at lapalette 

A typical city side street can look a little like this with hundreds of criss-crossing wires hanging across it:

This door handle appealed to us of course!

And I can think of few better combinations than...salt, chocolate, shoes and handbags!

More gorgeous colours out on the street, barely sheltered from the monsoon rain...

Down a side street we found a great little restaurant called Goldfish.

And they had...

delicious dumplings on the menu!

It started to rain while we were eating so luckily just a little further down the street we tripped into this gorgeous shop:


I loved their clever use of their stairs as an arty way to display goods:

They sold everything from handy umbrellas, clothes, accessories and funky homeware to candy and popcorn! 

But my favourite item was not for sale...

Just as well or I would've been tempted to try and fit it into my hand luggage!

The shop fittings and props in just about every boutique down Garosu-gil were wonderful. 

I was almost more tempted by them than by any of the wares that were for sale.

Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong provided a great afternoon out with loads of characterful boutiques and restaurants and cosy cafés in which to sit and watch the world wander by.

And for a few hours at least we could forget how foreign we were and feel a little more at home.

 chemin de JEN!

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