Wednesday, 25 September 2013

It's a Dog's Life - Dog Pillow Template

Last week mum made a cute little pooch as a travel pillow for Kate when she's in her car seat.

Of course the minute Em and Luke set eyes on him, they had to have one each.

Luke chose the same blue colours as the original.

While Em went for a slightly strange combination of blue and pink fabrics and chose large yellow Incomparable daisy buttons for the eyes.

We had a long weekend here and with the sun shining, it was time to bring out the teepee and have some fun with the dog pillows on the lawn.

Real dogs were invited too of course!

Bailey definitely thinks he is one of the gang!

I think he could do with his own neck pillow...

Here is the template if you want to make your own.

Cut it to the size you would like plus a little extra for a seam allowance.
Sew on your eye buttons.
Sew right sides together around the dog, leaving a gap for turning.

You could add a label if you like.

Turn right side out, stuff and then hand stitch closed.

Give to a grandchild and then before any fighting ensues, make more for all the others.

Luke's has a collar with an Incomparable bone button sewn on - too cute.


  1. You have been so busy, love your little dog, thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Wasn't Bailey a puppy about five minutes ago?? Yikes!

  3. So cude! I think I should make some for the kids as well. Thanks for the pattern.

  4. BAILEY DOES CERTAINLY NEED A PILLOW--- He really turned in to a beautiful and well behaved grown up puppy.. I know you had your doubts HA!...And the view you have is sooooooo pretty.. Thanks for sharing

  5. Such a sweet post. And I agree Bailey does need a pillow. Love the pillow design you shared. But, I'm also curious about your tent. Such a beautiful tent, yet I've never seen a pattern/tutorial on how to make it. Just looks like fun.



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