Saturday, 28 March 2015

Knitted Bunnies

A lovely alternative to giving chocolate and sweets this Easter is the gift of a gorgeous knitted bunny.

Ballerina bunny is k(n)itted out in such a sweet outfit.  
This dapper little fellow below was made in South Africa by a wonderful company Handmade Karoo that creates employment for local women in a small farming town.

We gave them a selection of our handmade Incomparable buttons which look beautiful on this handcrafted range…no plastic after all their hard work.

The heart buttons are always a popular choice and the little white star button made the ballerina's outfit tutu special indeed!

The fabric stacking baskets have had stacks of attention and are an Easter project that I'll post about next so pop back for a visit to see how to make a set yourself…and since I've now promised a new post, I'd better hop to it and get started on it.

1 comment:

  1. They are super pretty! Great idea. The buttons are perfect. I'll be looking forward to your basket tutorial then!


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