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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Crafty Cards

There's no better feeling than giving...but if its just a thoughtful little something, often the card can cost as much as the gift.
So why not whip up a few handmade cards of varying themes and keep them in a drawer to accompany a wedding, anniversary or Valentine's gift (you guessed it, the theme here is love and hearts)

It's never been easier to create your own homemade greeting cards.
There are pre-cut and folded blanks available at most paper and stationery shops.

Along with paper punches from hearts and flowers to bunnies and tortoises.
Punch out pretty coloured papers of your desired shape.
Then sew them onto your blank card.

And transform it into something quite unique by sewing on a matching Incomparable button...we too offer designs from hearts and flowers to bunnies and tortoises...you'll be spoilt for choice.
Our full catalogue is on www.buttonmad.com. 


  1. I love making cards specially as gifts! They make the event and occasion so much more special! Will try these out for sure on weekend


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