Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Recycled Scraps Christmas Cards

These Christmas cards took about 5 minutes to make.

I delved into my scraps stash and found fun and festive green and red material.

Then cut out 2 rectangles - one larger than the other.

Sewed them onto my pre-cut card and then sewed an Incomparable Christmas theme button on top...

For cards that are being hand delivered, I glued a button onto the outside of the envelope.

The best part is that after Christmas when the cards are discarded, the buttons can be removed and reused in a craft project or added to a favourite button collection...a gift with the gift!


  1. Jennifer, Tamara and Shannon, (you see, I guess who is the creative one this time), what a nice idea! Sewing on is the best part of it for me, much better than glueing on. Lappie-regards, Clara

  2. Thanks Clara...this time it is Tam...being creative...the Xmas bunting was also all her doing...yes I love the fact the material was sewn on...we are going to sit together soon and design some valentines ones using lots of our little heart buttons...we love creating together! Such a joy...
    Regards Jennifer

  3. Such clever things you come up with!

  4. this is a very good idea.marta


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