Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Italian Jewellery Inspiration

These gorgeous heart earrings were created by an Italian designer Paola Andreoni using the Incomparable heart buttons code L536.

Paola's blog Perline e Bottoni is full of fun and bright creations.

Here she has used our large two inch heart button to create a pendant:

So many uses besides as a traditional closure for buttons...the possibilities are endless...

What unusual uses have you found for the buttons in your stash?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A new arrival at Incomparable

You may have noticed that apart from our recent competition we haven't had too many blog posts lately. Reason being a new distraction by the name of Kate Wray. Well we are delighted to share with you some photos of the new arrival.

All 4.36kg [9.6 pounds] of her. So far she has been a good sleeper and a pure delight. Her older brother however thinks she is a little noisy...
Here she is with her grandmother, Jennifer... happily asleep

and her two proud siblings... who are watching hospital tv. Kate is yes you guessed it - in dreamland.

more button related posts to follow shortly ;-)

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Who Who Who's the winner...

Dog gone it...we are so thrilled with the wonderful response to our owl competition...almost as chuffed as this pooch is with his cupcake!

The 20 winners of our owl button give away are:

Kim Jamieson Hirst;
Jessica (Quilty Habit);
Cloudnine Sewing;
Christine M;
Barb (a corgi to quilt by);
Valletta Primitives Gift Shop;
Angela Bekzadian Avila;
Powers of Love;
Gustosa Giveaways;
J Stoltz;

Thank you to everyone who entered for all your fun and fabulous comments and valuable support - you had us chuckling!

Congratulations to all our winners...we are offering all our 20 winners another chance to win an extra set of our new teeny tiny heart buttons which we will post with your owls...all you need to do is write about us on your blog and/or facebook page and email us the link. Thank you for helping us to spread the word about our company and thereby helping us to create employment for women in South Africa.

Please bear with us as Jen has just quite literally in the last few minutes become a gran for the third time to a little girl, Kate Wray, and your buttons will only be posted mid next week!

I will email all the winners individually for postal details but if you see your name here, please email us, there is likely to be very little work a lot of celebrating going on here in the next few days, so please be patient with us.

New free stitch patterns will be posted on our blog in the coming week...starting with the cute little cupcake dog above.
And of course it won't be long before we do another give away - we have a few more surprises fresh from the oven...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Teeny tiny owl buttons giveaway

20 lucky followers will win a set of our latest hand-painted owl buttons...whoot whoot !
Here is a sneak peak of them...

To stand a chance to win is simple...just be a follower of our blog and post a comment about the owls.

The competition will run until the 24th of August and as we have done in the past, we will post the winners buttons to anywhere in the world. (postage / mailing costs are on us i.e. free to your door / post box)

Good luck ;-)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Stunning Long Beach Quilts and an owl giveaway

I am blown away by the pictures of quilts from the Long Beach quilt show that mum has been showing me and just have to share the incredible talent of these artists with you all.

This unbelievable creation is titled 'Sakura Sakura' by Hikoro Miyama from Japan.
It depicts her granddaughter and dog in a swirl of cherry blossoms.

One of the artists, Barbara McKee from Connecticut's favourite birds is the Yellow Billed Hornbill below - this could be a photograph from a safari drive. Exquisite detail.

I am not too sure who to credit with this amazing amount of work in this modern quilt, but here is another wonder: called wheel of teal...if anyone knows the creator of this please would you let us know...

The Flaming Mandalas quilt below is by artist Anne Lullie...another work of art...

And finally titled 'Grace' by Sin-hee Chin is this breathtaking work:

So humbling and so inspiring...

Look out  for our new giveaway...we are giving away sets of our brand new teeny tiny owl buttons to twenty lucky followers. Will post pictures and details tomorrow evening.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Cheeky Caterpillar

How sweet is this cheeky little caterpillar!

He is a really easy project and requires very little stitch work as his entire body is made up of Incomparable buttons!

He has definitely brought a smile to my face on this absolutely freezing somewhat chilly Monday afternoon.

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Festival of Quilts - Birmingham

Our UK retail agent, Chrissie Sherwood, is exhibiting this weekend at the festival of quilts in Birmingham.
Her stand is so beautifully laid out.

If anyone is in the UK in Birmingham please drop by and say hello to Chrissie.

We are praying things quieten down there with the rioters and wish her a successful weekend.

For those quilters among us, she has said the quilts on display are awe inspiring!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Birthday Cake(s) and Beautiful Views

Virtually our entire family was away over Em's 6th birthday - so we held our own little celebration for her when we all gathered on the farm this weekend. I made her a double tiered vanilla cake with butter/vanilla frosting and shaped it if you look at it with one eye closed and your head tilted at just the right angle! like a carousel with chocolate bunnies and ducks in place of the more traditional horses.

Her younger brother was spoilt lucky enough to get the outer cake ring with a dinosaur and eggs for himself (when I was his age I insisted on a present for myself on my siblings' birthdays so I know what it feels like!)

Here is a picture of the sunrise...

and another over the dam - we have been blessed not only with the views but also with the most amazing weather the last few days.

I'm not much of a baker but I used the Moist Yellow Cake recipe from Bakerella and just left out the butter flavouring (not even sure if we can get that here in SA). Also I used cake flour and added 1 and a half teaspoons of baking powder and a half teaspoon salt for every cup of self raising flour required.

I think it was a hit...

I made a trial run the day before when it was just my dad and I at home and instead of frosting, I made a simple lemon drizzle using lemon juice and icing sugar and poured it over the cake - and it was also delicious plain with a spoon of extra thick cream and some fresh strawberries.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Six Years Old...with the world at my (slippered) feet...

This is the dress I made for my niece for her 6th birthday.
It took me about 5 days and a pile of discarded fabric to finally figure out what I was doing with the shirring bit. Once I realised what was going wrong (obviously a little on the slow side), it really was a breeze as all the tutorials out there say it is.

Don't you just love the fun polka dot fabric. I used a plain green fabric for the shirred part and then edged it with some Incomparable teddy fabric...

And could not resist a plain green pocket with the matching teddy button...

Please excuse the funny poses and the humongous slippers - it is still winter in Cape Town after all...although it has been sunny and in the low 20's (that's Celsius!) for the past few days...bliss

Oh to be six years old again...

Monday, 8 August 2011

Fabric and Button Winners

We have the winners of our fabric and matching Incomparable buttons give away. 

The winner of a fat quarter of fabric and set of matching buttons is Stray Stitches. Their choice was for the teddy bears.

The second prize of a swatch of space theme fabric and matching buttons goes to Paul the Outnumbered Quilter.

Last week was a rather quiet one - there are a few ongoing computer issues here at the moment which I hope to have sorted out shortly...also been wrestling with conquering the shirring technique...and cannot wait to share the dress I made for my niece for her 6th birthday incorporating some of our teddy bear fabric.

Congratulations to our winners. 

If you would like to have some of this adorable fabric for yourself, it is available on Spoonflower
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