Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Crochet Baskets

I recently had a birthday where I was lucky enough to be given these gorgeous crochet baskets by 2 different people - they obviously know me well!

I'm absolutely smitten with this beautiful pair. 

With all being hearts and roses these days, I couldn't help but attach this exquisite handmade heart pendant. The soft duck egg blue teams perfectly with the lilac basket.

The grey basket is easy to pair up with most of the heart pendants from the Incomparable range.  
I chose the slightly larger blue heart and attached it to the handle with a ribbon.

I've been taking the baskets on my evening walks and fill them up with figs and passion fruit which are available in abundance at the moment.
I've just made a fig & ginger preserve and am about to pop a passion fruit meringue pie into the oven…I'll post the recipes over the next few days.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Owl Love you Forever

Unbelievably February is on our doorstep and its that time of year again to fall in love with, well, being in love.
These owl sweetie bags are a lovely gift for friends at school.

Simply cut a rectangle out of coloured paper to cover the front of a ready-made bag. 
Cut the shape for the face, 2x 3 different sized circles for the eyes and 2 heart shaped wings.
Glue them into place.
Use an Incomparable heart button for the beak and 2 little heart buttons for the feet.

And of course, he needs one more little heart as the finishing touch.

Fill the bag with sweeties and attach a cute little message…
'Owl be your Valentine x'

Friday, 12 December 2014

Festive Table Settings

Your guests will be more than happy to take their places at the table this Christmas with these fun name place settings.

Cut old fashioned labels out of brown cardboard and stamp each guest's name on them, leaving a space for a cutout paper star adorned with a handmade button. 

Or wrap ribbons around your napkins and thread the name cards through.

Each glass has a different Christmas button tied to it so that the guests remember which is theirs after the second third helping of eggnog.

Stamp names onto white paper doilies and arrange them at each person's place at the table along with a very happy Santa button.

Its amazing how a few doilies, a stamp set, brown paper, ribbon and handmade buttons can transform a table from drab to fab & festive in no time at all…happy decorating.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Festive Gift Wrap

Brown paper might seem plain and boring but there's a little secret that can't be kept under wraps any longer - it can be dressed up to be all snazzy and posh.
 This year its my gift wrap of choice.

With paper doilies, some of our handmade Christmas buttons and pretty ribbons & twine, you can create festive gifts that will stand out under the tree.

Use rubber stamps to stamp the recipient's name straight onto the gift, or embellish gift tags with a teeny star button.

Its amazing the transformation a little glitter, glitz and a handmade-with-love Incomparable button can create...

And that's a wrap!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Name Tags

Christmas always seems a little surreal in this part of the world. 
Its been over 30ºC for the past few weeks and its rather hard to imagine the world covered in snow with sleighs, bells, roaring log fires, hot mulled wine and all the things one traditionally associates with this holiday.
The thought of a hot Christmas lunch with loads of food is hard to imagine - we'd rather have slices of mango and watermelon in the pool! 
And a tall refreshing bottle of lemonade.

This year as part of my table setting, I'm using paper doilies as coasters and printing my guest's names on them.
Then for their juice bottles, I've been making a series of name/gift tags with a variety of our Christmas-themed buttons on them so that when someone puts their glass down to do a triple backward flop somersault into the pool, they'll know which is their glass when they're done.

A glass-saver if you will…and I have the loveliest range of buttons to choose from…moose, snowmen, Santa, Christmas trees, puddings, candy canes, gingerbread men, stars, angels, snowflakes…its starting to feel a lot like Christmas around here after all! 

L180 Christmas buttonsL439L441

Monday, 8 December 2014

Butterflies & Flowers - Pretty Decorations

You might remember these hanging heart decorations
If you do, you've been following this blog for quite some time now!

I made the hearts by cutting each one from a template - a labour of love.
Well I'm older wiser these days and bought a few paper punches to make a variety of shapes.

And these new hanging decorative chains are made up of pretty pastel butterflies, flowers and circles.

They are lovely to string up at parties, in a child's room or just to hang from a key on a lovely cupboard.

They're also now available in our Etsy shop in a variety of colours and we ship to the States, UK and Australia. 
If you live outside of these areas, you can send me an email and we'll happily make a plan to ship to you too.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Crushing on Cushion Covers

While out hunting for fabric to make bunting for our recent fair, I found this lovely material and knew it had to come home with me.

The pattern and soft colours were too pretty to resist. 
I paired it up with a coral linen and made a cover for an over-sized cushion.

I hid the zip with a flap of matching fabric and used these 3 gorgeous buttons that remind me of seashells to line the flap.

I added an inch-wide Oxford edge to give it that little bit of an edge distinction.

These buttons are so pretty I'm tempted to leave the cushion with the wrong side facing forward permanently!

I might just have to alternate through the week!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

I've baked these peanut butter dog treats for the pooch before.

They were received with such enthusiasm that I decided to make a double batch - they're so easy you'll quickly get the knick-knack of them. 

Bailey seems to have a sixth sense - knowing when something I'm baking is intended for him, he then pesters me in the kitchen, dogging my every step.

Of course his dogged efforts eventually pay off and he gets rewarded with some freshly baked biscuits.

I store them in a glass cookie jar adorned with pretty ribbons and a cute button...I couldn't decide between the little sitting dog or the dog bone button…

…so I went for both...

Individually wrapped in clear plastic bags with a ribbon looped over the top and a button attached, these peanut butter dog treats would make a lovely Christmas gift for a friend who is dog-crazy.

Or hang it on the tree for Fido so your four legged friend gets a treat along with the rest of the family on Christmas morning.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Something Fishy

Christmas is approaching so quickly this year I'm certain I must be dreaming.

No need to cast around for further inspiration, these cat treats are the perfect little gift to catch the attention of your furry feline friends.

Turn the oven to 180ºC.
Combine the following 4 ingredients:
1 can tuna, drained,
1 C nutty wheat flour,
1 egg,
1 T olive oil.

Mix together, roll out and press and then cut into cute fish shapes.
Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake for 12-15 minutes until brown.

These treats keep for up to 3 weeks in the fridge…oh, and your pooch will be fishing to try and have a few thrown his way too. 
Bailo goes through all of his tricks without being asked to in order to try and have a few of these biscuits released in his direction.
On a scale of 1 to 10, he gives them four paws up.

Of course, my favourite part is embellishing the cookie jar with a lovely handmade label adorned with these 2 fish buttons
The perfect fi(ni)shing touch!

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