Monday, 28 May 2012

Paper Heart Decorations

Finding myself without a book while sitting by the fire one evening had me restless for something to do.

I had some pretty paper and scissors on hand and started cutting out heart shapes.

Once I had roughly 40 hearts, I put two paper hearts together...

and sewed a line straight down, leaving a chain stitch for about 3 stitches until I sewed down the next 2 paper hearts.

I had enough to make 3 heart chains.

I finished each one off by attaching an Incomparable heart pendant.

Which is the perfect finishing touch and it adds some weight so they don't move around too much in a breeze.

Next I will try a chain of butterflies...

These are so easy and simple to make and are pretty decorations for a child's room, wedding or engagement party.


  1. They are very beautiful! They will give some fun in the house. And the idea of the butterflies is as beautiful as this!

  2. They are lovely! The pendants give it a wonderful finishing touch. This can be a nice last minute gift for a friend...

    I think if I would make them myself I might add a bead or button in between some of the hearts. But again: they look marvelous the way they are right now!

  3. Molto bella la tua idea, allegra e romantica. Bravissima

  4. Your decorations are lovely. I can picture them in a little girl's room. Yes, butterflies would look great too.

  5. Beautiful! So simple and yet elagant!

  6. After seeing your hearts, I was thinking of doing some small ones and sewing to the bottom of a small lamp shade for a lamp for my granddaughters on their bedside tables.
    Thank you for the idea.


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