Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Soft Baby Toy

I have just returned from a wonderful trip home. This is a picture of me with my sweet niece Kate at her Christening. 
My nephew Luke insisted that I read a bumper book of 5 Dr Seuss stories to him before he would go and play with all the other children.

I made Kate some soft blocks with her name appliquéd on them. She loved them so much I decided to make her a soft ball in our matching pink & green teddy bear fabric.

The soft ball has a bell sewn inside it and several ribbon and lace loops for her to grip. I dried some of the lavender from our farm in the oven and added it too. So it jingles and smells good, has lots of lovely colours and great touchy-feely satiny strips...appealing to so many senses...except taste...but that didn't stop Kate trying them all out anyway!

I didn't stop at just making the one and had to try out our Incomparable space theme fabric as well as our Teddy bears with red ribbons fabric. Kate couldn't decide which one she loved best.

This yellow, blue and green one below with our Incomparable chicken fabric is definitely my favourite - I love how the colours pop.

The other soft toy in the pictures is something else I made while I was at home but I'll blog about that soon. 


  1. Your creations are clearly a success!!
    Lovely pictures :)

  2. How adorable! Looks like she loves the toys!

  3. These soft toys as well as very nice they are very safe for children.
    ciao Sabrina

  4. Those toys are fabulous...what fun!!

  5. The perfect toy and fun for everyone! Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing, stitching, and button day!


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