Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Birthday Cake(s) and Beautiful Views

Virtually our entire family was away over Em's 6th birthday - so we held our own little celebration for her when we all gathered on the farm this weekend. I made her a double tiered vanilla cake with butter/vanilla frosting and shaped it if you look at it with one eye closed and your head tilted at just the right angle! like a carousel with chocolate bunnies and ducks in place of the more traditional horses.

Her younger brother was spoilt lucky enough to get the outer cake ring with a dinosaur and eggs for himself (when I was his age I insisted on a present for myself on my siblings' birthdays so I know what it feels like!)

Here is a picture of the sunrise...

and another over the dam - we have been blessed not only with the views but also with the most amazing weather the last few days.

I'm not much of a baker but I used the Moist Yellow Cake recipe from Bakerella and just left out the butter flavouring (not even sure if we can get that here in SA). Also I used cake flour and added 1 and a half teaspoons of baking powder and a half teaspoon salt for every cup of self raising flour required.

I think it was a hit...

I made a trial run the day before when it was just my dad and I at home and instead of frosting, I made a simple lemon drizzle using lemon juice and icing sugar and poured it over the cake - and it was also delicious plain with a spoon of extra thick cream and some fresh strawberries.


  1. Oh My the views are amazing - such beautiful pictures! Loved looking at them, thank you for sharing such fabulous pictures!

  2. The cake looks awesome and the view breath taking!

  3. Your daughter (and the views) are just beautiful. Homemade-by-Mom cake is the best kind of birthday cake, ever!

  4. I have been dying for an excuse to make a carousel cake! So fun!
    I also made Bakerella's moist yellow cake the other day for the first time and was very happy with it. I made all the same adjustments - I'm in the States, but haven't seen butter flavoring where I am - it was just fine without it. Delicious!


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