Thursday, 17 October 2013

DIY Clothes Hanger Transformation

If you've been reading this blog for a while now, you might remember the wardrobe makeover post from December 2011.
The stylish and chic clothes hanger above was made using the pages from old books.

We happen to have loads and loads a fair amount of ribbon and lace in the studio and needed pretty hangers for a clothes photo shoot. Jen came up with this clever quick and simple way to create the perfect photo shoot prop. But then we loved them so much that we had to have a shoot with the hangers on their own! 

To create your own beautiful hangers, assemble the various items you'll need.
The hanger, 
glue gun,
decorative heart pendants.

Put a dollop of glue at the one end and wind your ribbon around it, securing it to the hanger.
Wind the ribbon around and around the length of the wood. You can dot glue at various intervals in order to secure the ribbon.
Do the same with a coordinating lace around the handle of the hanger.

Tie your bow and glue or knot it into place.

As a finishing touch, tie on a gorgeous Incomparable heart pendant and the transformation is complete.


  1. Cute! thanks for the tutorial!

  2. very nice. I love the first. marta

  3. These hangers would make it ever so much more fun to hang up the freshly dried clothes! THANKS!


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