Monday, 5 September 2011

Are we there yet?

The call of the 'I'm getting bored in the back here in my car seat where I've been confined for at least the last five minutes...and really there must be more fun ways to spend a morning and so I'll ask for the thousandth time this minute' child on a road trip. 
A terrifying sound!

My niece on a family holiday when she was just 18 months old was absolutely content while we were in motion but the second we had to stop at a red light, she would command imperiously from the back 'dwive gwanddad dwive!'

Which should undoubtedly be Jen's next stitching block!

How do you amuse young children on car journeys?


  1. I always brought tapes of their favorite songs (shows my kids were small a while back. lol). Whenever they started to get cranky, I would put in one of their tapes and it seemed to do the trick. They say music sooths the savage beast. :o)
    Cute car button and saying!

  2. Tam is busy making cloth rectangles that hang over the back of the seats in front...with various pouches that hold books and games for the littlies on car journeys...keeps things tidy and by rotating the toys helps make the trip a little more fun...the rectangles have fun motives sewn to them they are fun to just look at sometimes too...

  3. Too cute! Mine are all grown but I do remember begging them to play the quiet game! Blessings, Marlene.

  4. marta - verona - italy6 September 2011 at 13:00

    we count how many red / green / yellow/... cars we see. or we look for a special kind of car (station wagon, mini...). we sing; when we stop, we look for a special kind of tree or house, and so on...
    I have found you only today...your buttons are wonderful.
    hi. marta

  5. Very cute! I'm glad to say I'm way past those years. I really don't recall what we did to amuse them. Actually, I have more memories of them amusing us with their antics!

  6. For exceptionally long trips, I make each kid a bag full of "tickets". Those tickets are deposited into some kind of holder every 50 or 100 miles, depending on the length of trip. They have a visual way of seeing the trip miles behind us, plus you realize just how quickly 50 or 100 miles go. I also bring a bag of pipe cleaners. They can create & sculpt endless things from those. A roll of cheap aluminum foil is also great to sculpt with while on the road.

  7. Good ideas there...think we will need to fill one of the car holdall pockets with pipe cleaners and one with with with with favourite cuddly toy...what else?...hope Tam is making enough pockets...! Will post picture of finished car holdall when all the sewing is done...want to appliqué some fun motifs to add interest for the little passengers...


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