Thursday, 8 September 2011

Love Birds

Today we are loving our feathered friends.

These blocks incorporate fabric painting and stitching and of course a button or two.

Birds offer great inspiration and are timeless and classic.

We try to encourage birds in our garden with the flora and trees for food and shelter.

We are lucky enough to have a huge variety of birds on the farm - from Malachite Kingfishers to Cape Eagle Owls, Spoonbills and Guinea fowl to Cape Robins.

Which is your favourite feathered friend and have you created artwork incorporating birds?


  1. awww...I love your lovebird! ;)

  2. The Love Bird is adorable and so are the rest. I like how you used paint to color in the birds. Very nice.

  3. I adore the love bird. My favorite are the falcons and hawks. I have not stitched any yet. I love your bird buttons.

  4. Love your birds, and of course the little bird buttons! We have feeders around our yard, and my favorite is the Goldfinch, our NJ state bird. So beautiful!


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