Monday, 10 September 2012

There's Space for Two Biscuit Quilt

This is the first quilt of any kind that I have ever attempted...and its a puff quilt.
I can honestly say I have never devoted as much time to any one thing in my lifetime ever!
I'm happy with the way it came together. When I had hundreds of loose squares it was hard to see the bigger picture.
Ems and Luke found it in the dining room where I've stationed my work table temporarily and crawled under it of their own accord and pretended to be snugly sleeping. Shortly afterwards, Em approached me to ask for her very own one in pink!
I teamed our Incomparable 'Space' theme fabric with a blue polka dot and solid green fabric. I played around with the loose squares trying to come up with the final layout for a long time.
It is backed with a matching green fleece blanket that makes it lovely and soft.
Just as I breathed a sigh of relief that this one was finally finished, I now have to start thinking about the pink version! Luckily little sister Kate is too young to be asking for one for herself just yet!


  1. This just showed up in my blog reader. Good job on the quilt. That's quite an accomplishment ; )

  2. My boys would love one each, should I be hiding the picture from them? Just how time consuming are we talking?
    Sweet kiddies you have there under that cloud of snuggle =)

  3. Hi dear.

    Wonderful work!

    FANTASTIC!!!! Happy week! BYE. NI

  4. It looks very snuggly and warm. Well done for a first quilt.

  5. This is SO nice and so neatly done for a first time. The colour scheme and layout is very stylish. Hang in for the pink one and do send us pictures! Tambani, Johannesburg

  6. Wow, that looks like quite the labor of love! I may have to try one someday. :)

  7. I made one recently for my granddaughter! They are warm!


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