Friday, 24 May 2013

Guilt Free Banana Muffins

I arrived home from a walk through the apple orchards with Bails to find that the still green-on-the-outside bananas that I'd bought a day ago were already going mushy on the inside. Only 1 thing to be done in such an emergency situation - bake delicious banana muffins of course!

It was a rather misty morning earlier so the thought of steaming muffins hot from the oven was welcome.

Our misty sunrise view

Compared with yesterday's sunrise!

For this recipe you'll need:
4-6 overripe bananas,
1/2 C sugar,
1 T honey,
2 eggs,
1 t oil,
2 C flour,
1/2 t bicarb,
3/4 t baking powder,
1/2 t salt,
1 t vanilla paste/essence

Mash the bananas, sugar and honey with a fork.
Add the eggs and oil and beat well.
Sift the dry ingredients into the mixture and mix.
Add vanilla.
Spoon into a greased muffin pan.
Bake at 170 C for 30 minutes.

Optional extra: swirl a teaspoon of Nutella or crunchy peanut butter through the middle of the muffins.
I made a variety. 

Bailey thought he would entertain me while I was baking:

Save a peanut butter muffin for me please mum, puleeez!

Baking is hard work!

The original recipe that I used called for twice the amount of sugar stated here and a full cup of oil but I'm trying to cut back on refined sugars and unnecessary fats and with the honey I added to them, these muffins are sweet, moist and delicious so I think they're a big improvement...and I get to add lashings of fresh butter with slightly less guilt (butter doesn't count so much as a fat as it does a way of life!)
Without the optional extra Nutella and if you serve these without butter, they are virtually fat free (2 eggs split over 12 muffins - not bad for a delicious snack!)

Not one but two muffins served on one of my favourite plates - a plain white ceramic plate with Incomparable chickens running around the edge. I glued these on using Bostik Home glue which goes through the dishwasher and is even oven proof to about 200 C!

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  1. These sound so good especially for a misty morning. But I will have to try your recipe. We love banana bread around here.

  2. Never thought of putting nutella into a banana muffin. In crepes - sure (my FAVE dessert).

  3. I'm trying these right now, and they smell SO GOOD! Unfortunately, I won't be tasting 'til breakfast. :)


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