Thursday, 21 April 2011

Happy Easter

This weekend will be filled with bunnies (traditionally hares) and eggs to symbolise the coming of Spring, fertility and new life.

In the USA in the 18th century, children who were good would receive brightly coloured eggs supposedly laid by a bunny (the Osterhase or German Easter Hare) in nests that they had made in their caps and bonnets. This led to the more modern tradition we are familiar with today of hiding eggs and the Easter egg hunt with a basket to replace the nest made of straw.

Games played around the world include rolling painted eggs down a steep hill in Scotland and North England, while in the US this type of Easter egg roll involves pushing an egg along flat ground with a spoon. I'm looking forward to seeing footage of America's 1st family rolling eggs on the lawn of the White House this year.

Egg tapping contests, the egg dance and plays involving the Pace egg will also keep people entertained this weekend.

Whichever traditions you follow or are familiar with, have a wonderful Easter shared with family and loved ones.


  1. Such cute buttons (again....I don't think I have seen an ugly one yet)....

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter Week-end!

  2. Just darling! I received my penguin buttons in the mail the other day and they are just as cute as I expected! I'll be showing them off soon on my website! Thanks again!


  3. Wishing you all a wonderful Easter!

    Love those bunny buttons, so cute.

    My penguin buttons from you are so adorable that I've set them out where I can admire them, before committing them to a project. Thanks again for them.

  4. awww super cute - but there hasn't been one where i couldn't say that.... rv buttons (hint hint lol)


  5. I just love these and all of your buttons. I will use some of them in my project soon. :)


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