Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Green Smoothies

And in this case, green bananas too (sorry didn't have any ripe ones for the photo!)

These green smoothies are incredibly healthy and delicious too.

I take a few handfuls of raw baby spinach and throw them into a blender along with a banana per person and some plain yoghurt (full fat Greek style - I'm not into low fat or fat free - cells need healthy fats to regenerate and these others are loaded with refined sugars)
those are the three basic ingredients...

then depending on what is in season and more importantly, in the fridge, I add:
a handful of strawberries,
kiwi fruit,
raw broccoli (I know!),
sunflower seeds,
pumpkin seeds...
I've also added citrus fruits - oranges, ruby grapefruit, some lemon juice.

Any or all of the above in varying combinations depending on what is on hand. If you don't have plain yoghurt, use a fruit flavour or leave it out altogether...this is the most flexible recipe ever!

and there you have a generous portion if not all of your five fruits and veg for the day.

It's great that they are raw so you are getting all the goodness.
It's even better as this is a really delicious drink.
And you can even con convince the kids to try it by telling them it is monster goo or was left behind by aliens in the night or is the staple drink of forest creative...they're sure to love it.

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